Budapest Escort

We men love them! The cowgirl position. However if a woman during sex at the top, all sorts of thoughts go through your mind.. Just like at erotikus munka!
While the women’s world thinks, „Hooray! Finally! Now I come to him and twist him really with my arts „, it looks at us men, however a little different. These nine thoughts turn us in cowgirl position nonstop through your head:
„Come to me!”
Up to the moment it is not yet for us, you can still change your mind. Therefore very much think about it! Then the request is also true.
„I hope she pulls her shirt off.”
Because we finally want to indeed have something to play;-)
„Please be careful!”
Especially in bed it’s ever too impetuous. And especially our pride and joy is delicate – not the ideal combination! Ouch!
„She moves deliberately so slow?”
Just because a woman during sex is up, does not mean that they really know what we like. But quite Gentlemen we help her, of course.
„I’d like a cold beer!”
We are now even men! Sorry!
„What am I going to do with my hands?”
On the asses or breasts? Difficult Decision. You notice already, we are overwhelmed.
„Why did she revolves on my best piece, like a helicopter when landing?”
Because it feels good, even if it may seem funny at the moment.
„Oh, Baby!”
If we think that we want to actually say: „Honey, you really can see from every angle great.”
„Phew! If they ever come already? ”
No! But they should also be totally quiet during sex and, where no sound? Exactly!

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