About a decade ago, one of many abandoned buildings in Hungary’s capital was converted into a low-key club with little more than discarded furniture and artistic creativity, bringing about the first of Budapest’s so-called “ruin pubs”; these are now major attractions of the Magyar metropolis. All in one area, called 7th district! Best apartments in Budapest

Ankert – one of the largest garden bars in downtown Budapest. Housed within the enormous building of a former factory.

Ellátó kert – The regular crowd is made up of twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, bikers, skaters, tattooed musicians, pierced chicks, and dogs coming in all shapes and sizes.

Fogas ház – does mean “house of teeth”. The interior is stylishly dilapidated, the prices are not too high, and the dance floor cures your boogie fever, while an adjacent outdoor courtyard is now equally popular as the original premises

Instant – Located on Nagymező Street – also known as “Budapest’s Broadway” – Instant is a beloved spot of party animals, being a gigantic ruin pub complex occupying an entire building. The themed dance floors guarantee that you will find the songs you’d like to shake it!

Szimpla kert – The mother of all ruin pubs is Szimpla Kert, the hub of Kazinczy Street’s ever-growing nightlife scene, one of the busiest party areas of downtown Budapest. The interior, courtesy of contemporary artists, looks as though it was put together from the selection of a secondhand shop selling electronic devices, old bikes, and even vintage Russian cars.

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